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Indian Approvals

  • BIS Testing & registration

  • WPC (ETA) Approval

  • Telecom Testing and Certificate

  • Radio Frequency Testing

  • Wireless Testing

  • Business Networking

  • LED LM79 & LM 80 Testing

  • Battery Testing

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Indian Approvals

BIS Testing & registration

Effective April 3rd, 2013 the Indian Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEIT) issued the Compulsory Registration Order 2012. Certain products are now required to comply with Indian safety standards and obtain BIS Registration for electronic products before they can be imported, distributed or sold into India.

WPC (ETA) Approval

Products with radio and/or wireless functionalities which are imported or manufactured and marketed in India must have an equipment type approval (ETA) certificate from the Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) wing of the Ministry of Communications of the government of India.This includes products with Bluetooth, wireless local area network access technology (Wi Fi), small digital radios (Zigbee), and radio frequency identification (RFID) among others.

We assist in testing such products as per the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI, Europe) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC, US) standards. Our authorized agents connect applicants with local representative support and assist them in obtaining ETA certification. We support you in completing the required documentation for filing an application at the WPC.

Telecom Testing and Certificate

The Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications, Government of India vide Gazette Notification No. G.S.R. 1131(E) dated 5th September, 2017 has amended the Indian Telegraph Rules, 1951 (Amendment 2017) to introduce Mandatory Testing & Certification of Telecom Equipment. These rules shall come into effect from October 1, 2018, and TEC is implementing Mandatory Testing & Certification of Telecom Equipment. The testing and certification of the telecommunication equipment shall be done for ensuring compliance with the respective Essential Requirements (ER) documents of TEC.

To implement Mandatory Testing & Certification of Telecommunication Equipment, ERs are being formulated. The IoT Division of TEC is currently envisaging to formulate the Essential Requirements under two broad categories as defined in Annexure I & Annexure II.

Radio Frequency Testing

Regulatory changes and demanding testing procedures put wireless product manufacturers under pressure to adhere to updated market requirements. We help you navigate the complex process of complying with radio performance testing requirements to ensure your wireless & RF products are compliant, compatible, and reliable.

Wireless Testing

Devices with integrated wireless connectivity are playing a substantial part in the Internet of Things (IoT). To ensure that such devices work according to regulatory requirements, the requirements of Industry Interest Groups, retailers and last but not least the quality policies of manufacturers, they need to be tested carefully during the R&D process and before they enter the global market.

Business Networking

AJJS is a comprehensive business solution provider that works towards tremendous business growth and expansion. A pool of expertise and in-depth knowledge about the all business verticals, we work in harmonization to help clients start a business and move with them to their entire business journey.

LED LM79 & LM 80 Testing

LM-79 is an approved method for taking electrical and photometric measurements of SSL products. It covers total flux (light output), electrical power, efficacy, chromaticity, and intensity distribution. The five required metrics on the LED Lighting Facts label come from LM-79 test results. LM-80 is an approved method for measuring the lumen maintenance of LED packages, arrays, and modules (i.e., the LED light source) at various temperatures. It specifies a minimum testing period of 6,000 hours, although 10,000 hours is preferred, and it requires testing at a minimum of 1,000-hour increments. LM-80 provides no determination or estimate of expected life or lumen maintenance beyond the test data, which, even with 10,000 hours of testing, falls far short of the claimed lifetimes of most SSL products on the market today.

Battery Testing

We helps to test and certify every type of battery available - including lithium-ion battery, Li-Po, Ni-MH, Ni-CD, power banks, chargers, and adapters. Battery safety, battery performance and battery durability are highly valued today as batteries become more common in everyday use. Batteries are being used in a growing range of applications such as transportation, renewable energy, grid storage, grid balancing, backup applications and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

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