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Get BIS Registration as per CRS
(Compulsory Registration Schemes)

  • Compulsory for IT & Electronic Products

  • Product Testing

  • Document Preparation

  • Application Filling

  • Providing Quality Assurance

  • Certificate Valid for 2 years

  • End to End certification

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What Is BIS (Bureau Of Indian Standards)?

BIS is a national body which maintains quality, safety and reliability of products in India. In India, BIS Accredited Laboratories have been set up by the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). These laboratories have been set up with a view to testing samples of products during the preliminary and surveillance operations. For certain products, Government of India has mandated BIS certification for public health.

BIS Certification Areas

Amplifiers with input power 2000w and above

Automatic Data Processing Machine

Electronic Clocks With Mains Power

Electronic games (video)

Electronic musical systems with input power 200w and above


Microwave ovens

Optical disc players with built in amplifiers of input power 200w and above

Plasma/lcd/led televisions of screen size 32"; and above

Printers, plotters

Set top box

Telephone answering machines

Visual display units, videos monitors of screen size 32" and above

Wireless keyboards

Cash registers

Copying machines/duplicators

Passport reader

Point of sale terminals

Mail processing machines/postage machines/franking machines

Power banks for use in portable applications

Smart card reader

Mobile phones

Self-ballasted led lamps for general lighting services

Dc or ac supplied electronic controlgear for led modules

Power adaptors for audio,video & similar electronic apparatus

Power adaptors for it equipments

Fixed general purpose led luminaires

Ups/invertors of rating <= 5kva

Sealed secondary cells/batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes for use in portable applications

Indian language support for mobile phone handsets

Recessed led luminaries

Led luminaires for road and street lighting

Led flood lights

Led hand lamps

Led lighting chains

Led luminaires for emergency lighting

Ups/inverters of rating <= 10kva

Plasma/ lcd/led television of screen size up-to 32

Visual display units, video monitors of screen size upto 32

CCTV Cameras/CCTV recorders

Adapters for household and similar electrical appliances

USB driven barcode readers, barcode scanners, iris scanners, optical fingerprint scanners

Smart watches

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